Implantes Dentales (english)

Dental Implants 

When we want to replace a missing tooth, and implant is an attractive and modern option.

The best way to explain what's an implant is by comparing it with a real tooth. A natural tooth is composed by a root and a crown. The part of the tooth that we can see and use for chewing is called a crown. The root is in charge of holding the tooth by its bone. When a tooth is lost, its root and crown are both lost. To replace the tooth with an implant is essentially a new root. Therefore dental implants consist of a root made out of titanium, which is easily accepted by the body, implanted inside the bone through a small surgical intervention. After the implant is placed, one or more dental crown can be placed over the implant, resulting in a natural looking and strong smile.

The principal benefit is the patient avoiding having to use a removible prothesis, as well as avoiding drilling and wearing out neighboring teeth as is the case with fixed dental bridges and crowns.

In Sonrisas Sanas we have specialists for these procedures. 


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