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Professional Tooth Whitening

Whitening is a revolutionary aesthetic treatment that reduces the color tone of your teeth by several shades, leaving your teeth whiter. Many people are interested in having beautiful white teeth and consider it a necessity for their social and professional lives. Tooth whitening eliminates the majority of stains caused by medicine (tetracyclines), coffee, tee, red wine, cigarettes, and other foods.

Dental Whitening with laser inside the clinic

In only one appointment you can achieve a new and beautiful smile. The process is simple and painless: 

  1. Verify the inicial tooth color with our color guide
  2. Place the lip seperator and apply gum protector so that the clarifying gell doesn't come in contact with the gums
  3. Apply the gell and activate it by using LED laser 
  4. Remove the product and rinse
  5. Compare the new color tone to the old

Dental Whitening with trays

For this approach, special trays filled with whitening gell are placed inside the mouth for about an hour. Results are apparent after about 6 sessions. 




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