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Erasing Pains, Painting Smiles

Dental Clinic Sonrisas Sanas has high quality technology and bio-security according to US CDC standards:

  • Modern equipment to guarantee the most profound sterilization of all instruments
  • Triple disinfection process utilizing a potent bactericide, ultrasonic cleaning, and autoclave (high temperature vapor), ensuring 100% sterilization 
  • Low radiation radiology 
  • Prophylaxis equipment for cleaning and whitening  

Sonrisas Sanas is the clinic that transforms your experience of going to the dentist. We erase past traumas and help you achieve your best smile.

Todays families are searching for a different type of clinic, that won't be a nightmare for themselves of their children. A clinic that provides education and makes them feel special. They are searching for a clinic that guarantees a smile when they leave; a clinic where they learn the best oral care habits.  

We're much more than a dental clinic. We provide personal attention in a warm setting, designed for your comfort and relaxation, where our specialists answer all your questions. We have the best dentists, whose technical knowledge and ethic qualities are at your disposal. Read more about us below


nardys perfil1Dr. Nardys Romero is the owner and founder   of Sonrisas Sanas. She graduated from the Autonomous University of Nicaragua in 2008 with a degree in dental surgery. Her post-graduate course work includes Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry and Endodontics. She is currently overseeing clinical operations while obtaining her dental license in New York.








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Dr. Norwing Velazquez graduated from the Autonomous University of Nicaragua in 2011 with a degree in dental surgery. His post-graduate studies include Implant Surgery and Prosthetics and Endodontics. He currently practices aesthetic dentristry, endodontics, surgery, and oral rehabilitation.












migrene perfil Dr. Migrene Uriarte obtained her license of dental surgery from the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua in 2013. Her post-graduate course work includes Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry. She currently practices general and aesthetic dentistry, pediatric and preventative care.











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