Advanced Dental Volunteer

Advanced Dental Volunteer

With our unique dental volunteer program, you get an interactive dental experience helping patients while learning advanced dental techniques. Based on your level of education and experience, we’ll put you to work helping with diverse advanced treatments like root canals, prosthesis, crowns, and surgeries. You’ll have a great responsibility to help educate and motivate patients to improve their health and you’ll actively participate in the administration of the clinic.

Our local licensed dentists will maintain the clinics protocols to ensure high ethical and safety standards are met for our patients. Volunteers are permitted to actively participate in all areas of the clinic at the discretion of the staff of Sonrisas Sanas. All procedures and treatments that are performed in the clinic are the staff’s responsibility. Volunteers are encouraged to participate as much as possible without risking the welfare of our patients.

Depending on your level of experience (pre-dental, dental student or professional), we will determine your capacity to work independently during procedures. The capacity to absorb and retain information is also important for students with little experience as they can learn a great deal from our knowledgeable dentists. These learning sessions are led by our dentists and will be a part of your volunteer experience.

One of the best parts of your trip is knowing that you're helping someone who can't afford  advanced dental treatments obtain a healthy smile. All of your patients will be part of our Mission Sonrisas Sanas program that aims to help the community of Nicaragua (read more in our Mission Sonrisas Sanas page).

What’s included in your trip fee

  1.  A completely personalized program (you tell us how many days you want to stay and which treatments you’re interested in)
  2. Airport pick up and drop off in Nicaragua
  3.  Accommodations according to your preference (hostel, hotel, or host family)
  4. Breakfast and lunch during clinic days
  5. One day of country and clinic orientation
  6. Personal assistance 24 hours per day
  7. All equipment, instruments, materials, and instruction needed to attend patients
  8. Recreational activities according to your preference


Once you're ready to embark on an unforgettable learning experience please fill out the following form and we'll contact you soon with a full application. If you have further questions please contact us here.

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